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DIY EOS lip balm: Yin-Yang design!!

Hey guys!!! 

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A lot of you asked me in my heart EOS video to make another EOS design, so this time I will show you how to make a yin yang EOS lip balm!!

You will need: your EOS, beeswax, olive oil, flavoring (optional), lipstick for the color, some hard plastic or a knife.

Beeswax: I've seen some people use non-toxic crayons.
Olive oil: coconut oil (not sure about the quantity)

First, I took an EOS I had an I cut it off with a some hard plastic, you can use a knife for this, but this plastic is very thin and it gives a cleaner cut.

Then I took a needle and I started drawing the shape of the yin yang symbol. Be really patient with this and you can use any yin yang picture as a guide. If you make any mistake, smooth the surface with your finger just like so. Then very carefully, cut off one of the sides, you only need one half. Then place it in the lid of the container. Don’t worry if the bottom part doesn’t look good, it’s not going to show anyway. Don’t forget to keep the leftovers, we will need those later.

To make the other half, I placed a heatproof container in some hot water and add as in my other videos, two teaspoons of beeswax and 5 teaspoons of olive oil. Let it melt and then add any color you want. I used some lipstick but you can use non-toxic crayons if you want.

Then pour it to fill the other half of the lid. Keep it in the freezer for 10 minutes and then squeeze the container a little bit to release your design. Now it’s time to make the two dots.  Do this with the needle but be extra careful so you don’t break the rest of the shape. Make sure that it goes all the way down to the other side and make it bigger until it has the size you want. Make only one of the dots like so and place it on the lid again. Melt the leftover we kept at the beginning and pour them onto the hole. Once it sets take it out and repeat for the other side. Make the hole with the needle and pour the other color. 

Let it set and take it out. If you have some uneven parts, scrape off the excess with the needle so you get a much more even circle.
Finally put it back on the lid, and pour the rest of the recipe onto the container part, close it quickly and put it upside down so the melted part sticks to the top while it hardens.

Keep it in the freezer for at list 45 minutes and then untwist the lid slowly to reveal your design! And that’s it!! You will have a super unique yin yang design EOS lip balm! I hope you liked this new design that I made so thumbs up if you did, and if you are new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my new DIY videos!! 

Don't forget to leave me in the comments which kind of videos you want to watch next. Thanks for watching!!

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